Great Man

He was like a guardian angel when I was only 16 when we met and I had a big crush on him I even asked him out but he said I was too young he looked out for me. He defended me from the bad desisions I made and I made alot. In my late 20's we started dating and it was only then I realised he had a mentle illness I hated the fact we had to split because he hurt me and then he was put in jail for serious violent offences. While he was inside they diognosed his illness and placed him in secure unit while in there he comited suicide because he knew if he was ever realeased he could be a danger again. I believe that this was the least selfish suicide I have ever known he did it for his daughter and I will always respect and love him for that.

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Its 3 years on may 9th I will see his daughter and take her out for the day

Sucks when friends die.. it has happened to me too.

I believe that too its just a shame he felt he had to I really miss him and no one compares to him

thanks he died may 9th 2007

Sad story – I hope he found peace. Cheers!