Two Of Them

Last year within a couple of months my two best friends died.

They were significantly older than me and well in their seventies but they played in the league of eternal youth.  They  were mischievous and brilliant. 


It takes some time to realize who's gone almost suddenly, though not unexpected. 

Death was a liberation for both of them, because they loved life so much. 

Therefor mourning is not appropriate.  They wouldn't' appreciate either. 


This doesn't prevent me from thinking of them as much now, as I did when they lived.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

thank you,'s hard to loose a friend but it's wonderful to have had one

its nice to hear your about the friendship you must have had with them, it must have been tough having 2 people pass away but I know how you feel and I just wish I was stronger than you... RIP Simon Willis & Ali Gable