I Miss Her And So Do Others ...

I have a friend that I keep in contact with fairly regularly that used to be a member here. I miss her presence here a lot. She was fun, sweet and sassy. She has many special ways about her but things within her personal life needed attention so she chose to leave EP to concentrate on that aspect of her life.
She is a wonderful person, with a heart of gold. Yesterday during some back and forth work emails she sent me a birthday cake pic to celebrate!  She used to post cakes on the birthday  board  for her friends and it was so much fun to see what she came up with!  

I posted the cake pic as my avatar for the day and I thank her for remembering and her friendship. She is missed by many.  

*Out of consideration for her privacy I will not be posting her old profile name here. *
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12 Responses Oct 28, 2010

EroticLove- Thank you and I will pass this on to her....

Thanks Zaltfrog : )

Thanks BF! Yes they were a guru.. and yes it was so cute!

Thanks Stratos!!! 29 and holding baby :P

Yea that is a lot Stratos. And it's great that we still keep in touch but I miss her here, She had a special presence about her. I understand her reasons for leaving so I am thankful I have another method of communication :)

Me too FG.... maybe winter will be full of positive surprises:P

I miss some of my EP friends here but like you many of them became part of my real life and we talk on the phone, visit each other sometimes, or email. Some people will eventually come back as winter comes full force but others will never come back. I miss them all the same.

Aww thanks PTMAN.. you are one of the good ones too :)

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your a good friend snowy.

desertfrost- thanks so much. I am glad she is too :) She is a special person. <br />
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PHSensei- It may be not sure tho. She is following her heart and making choices that are best for her family ! Thanks for stopping by old friend :)

I miss an old EP friend too. I wonder if its the same friend. I know the one I'm thinking of is following her heart and path to happiness. Hopefully your friend finds the same too.<br />
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In the meantime, ((((hugs))))

I think it's nice that you stayed in touch after she left EP and that she is still in your life :)