My Special Friend

When I was 8 years old, I livd in Temple, TX. There was a girl that lived in the same apartment complex her name was Desiree. She always wore a hat because she was loosing her hair. I think she might have had cancer but I didnt care. People would bully her and I would stay up for her. Desiree was one of those friends that you cant buy. She was a great friend and never took stuff for granted We just clicked and we became great friends. Me and Desiree had alot of great times together. We would hang out everyday. I remember I got her something for her birthday. Desiree felt like she was the most special girl in the world. She loved the gift. Short after we became close friends, she moved to San Antonio because her grandma wasnt good well. I was sad to see her because she was such a great friend, kinda, sweet, and had a great heard. After Desiree left, I havent seen her since. I havent been able to find her. I have tried my best but I have been unsuccessful. I think about her everyday. I wonder how life about have been if we were still in contact. If we would have still stayed in contact, I think our friendship would be stronger, we would have seen each other grow up. I miss Desiree. She was such a special person to me. One of those friends that doesnt came very often. Overall, I miss her and I think about her everyday.
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I'm sorry for your loss. It's just a matter of enjoying the time with your friends while they're there, otherwise you'll miss them when they're gone. Just keep your thoughts strong for your friend, they'll help you heal with memories of the good times. :)

Hey<br />
You do have the caring friend you are searching then !!!<br />
Try contacting her via any relatives or neighbours who know her address.<br />
Hope you find her!!!

Awwww, tht sounds lke the ultimate friendship to hav :)

I hope you find her. That story is so sweet. You are a really kind person and seem to care a lot about her. Don't give up!

Hey I really hope you find her soon :)

I pray to God she is doing great and living life and that hopefully one day God will re-unite a great friendship, I wish you the best

That's so touching! I hope you see a little of her in everyone until you meet again!

i read it :)

She, indeed is a very lucky girl to have you as a friend. I hope you get in touch with her someday!

so sad story...i hope that u will find someday..

Cute but sad, I hope you find her one day.

so sweet, yet so sad :( but, inspiring as well, i hope i can be a friend to someone like that, where they will never forget me. but, be happy for the happy times (: even if it didnt last it will always be in your heart. and you never know, maybe your paths will meet again when you least expect it