Not Even A "Farewell"

I confess that I was a member of EP in the first half year 2011 too. I made an online friendship with a lady. It was really nice and the friendship and the woman meant a lot for me. We talked frankly about everything and anything. We did not addressed any sleazy subject. I have enjoyed it to confide in her absolutely. I shared experiences, wishes and desires which I keep secret in my own circles of family and so called real friends. I think it arised a harmless feeling of closeness. The friendship lasted for more than three months. Then the woman started to ignore me absolutely. I have never get a "Farewell" or something like that although I asked for it - she has simple ignored me. I cannot forget her and I hope for a restart of friendship which was never broken off until today. But actually this hope is only a burdensome thought. Actually I cannot believe that it was very foolish of me to be addicted to an online friend.
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Please message me I like the things you say. Barry

Well no I can understand that has happened to me. It not you it's her maybe something happened do you know if she is still on here.

I do not know maybe as a group if you tell who is :)

Sorry this has happened to you. I sure there is lots of good people here I am still finding my way. I think that can happen in real life sharing coffee with someone have their email or phone number meet a few times and they disappear their phone number does not work anymore :)

I understand your confusion. I have some ideas about what may have happened. The most likely (in my opinion) one first; the least likely one last: 1. She lost her access to the Internet. This happens to a lot of people. Maybe she couldn't afford it. Maybe she used a neighbor's, friend's or relative's computer and they moved/she moved/or had a falling out. 2. She got the idea that she was addicted to the internet or got a new job/hobby/job & didn't have time or interest in the EP any more.

Thank you for hearting and your kind attempt to explain.

Well I would say maybe it not you it's them maybe something is going on in there life that does allow them to come here. Or that person is not who they say they were and they could not keep up with the lie and could not tell you the truth. I was talking to someone here for almost a year and it turns out she was a guy and double the age they claim to be and I am sure pretending to be her/ his sister to how's that.

It happens my friend...I know that only too well. However, I have a lasting and happy relationship with an on line friend now; so don`t be put off from trying again.

I feel for you least it was quick...sometimes you sense a change. like your stories no commented on. Or little quips that are the same like they are just being polite....almost a slow agonizing death. Especially when you read prior messages and they do not match... that hurts worse....

It can be heartbreaking and cause feelings of rejection, there are many of us here I'm sure that have been thru it, myself included. I find this place good to let out some secrets I've had for many years, and sometimes,it's a lot safer here. I'm here if ya need to chat

please don't feel like that, there are still a lot of good people here, don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch, i would love to be your friend, i lost my beloved charles 5 months ago, i have no one in my life i would love to add you in it, so please don't feel that way, now you see i even shared some of my self with you.

I am so sorry that happened to you. One thing that is sad about on line friendships is sometimes people don't realize the importance of treating them like real life relationships.
Good manners are so important in every kind of friendship.
I hope you have much better experiences this time around.

Hi Jenna:-), thank you very much for your kind lines. I have really made some fierce friends on Ep and I love to speak frankly. Here it is more possible than in real life and I have enjoyed a lot of helpful mental support. I hope you have made similar experiences.

I have made many friends, and found wonderful support from several groups I have joined. I think there are a lot of great people here on EP. I have been very lucky to meet a number of them

People are strange sometimes. I suffered the same here. Got very close to a man, 10 years older than me. We chatted about everything, he even gave me his mobile number and address. We exchanged postcards and sent presents for birthday. After a year he stopped answering my e-mails and phone calls and ignored my last letter. This is three months ago now since I last heard from him and I wonder if I ever will get over it.

I'm sorry you lost your friend. she wasn't a true friend, if she was; she will never ignore you or befriended you. you are nice and decent man who's interest in real friendship and not talk about indecend subjects, and you deserve a friend who's interested in the same thing; a true real friendship.

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Maybe you are right and behavior is dependent on cultural circle too.

Yes but were you honest with her?.Especially your gender and profile!

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I am a married man. I do not say that I am happily married but I would never betray my wife. I believe in equality but I think it is a silly idea to demand leveling down everything.

she live long way from you

I think her Husband might have told her to leave EP not all taken in hand Husbands are as open as others to their wifes using the internet. I think if she was close to you and then she started to ignore you and now she's gobne all together then that might be why. Just a thought.

Thank you Roberta :) for your comment. She was not married. She was engaged. She is still on EP and has made a lot of friends who prefer apparently to talk about indecent subjects.