My Friend My Family

I lost my friend last year May to violence that didn't have nothing to do with her. So i was at home when my mommy call and told me to turn on the news. She said the girl on the news they talking about sounds like Aeyanuna. In when i turn to it my words "ma that's not her i dint think she go to things like that." and as i said that it came on the news again this time they show her face.In all I can say is it cant be her not her. The tears never stop she wasn't just my friend she was my family. i couldn't believe what done happen to her she was the good one never did noting bad never treated anyone wrong. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I miss her so much. Every time i walk into my old church i be wanting to see her face but i know shes not there. I know i will see her and heaven.
mzpookie mzpookie
Jul 29, 2012