I Miss My First Ever Best Friend!

I was Primary 3 when I met her. We became friends then. She was the "bestest friend" I have ever had. We did things together like eat during lunch, do homework and etc. But one day, she suddenly didn't friend me. She didn't talk to me. Whenever I wanted to near her to ask her why she did this to me, she will avoid me.

Then a few days past and we were at the hall waiting for our teacher. One of my friend called my name and told me that my "best friend" wanted to tell me something. When I looked at her she told me that she friended me again.

Two years past and now I am Primary 5 still in the same class as her. New classmates came in and we mixed around with the new people. I suddenly realized that they were making a gang group which mixes around with boys. Then she started to avoid me and forgetting about as if I didn't exist. So I left the group because I knew she did not want me and I don't want to be in a group which mixes around with boys.

Before the year ended, I bought for her a teddy bear and I wrote a letter for her next year gift, hoping that she would still friend me but instead she left me.... Forever.

Now we are still in the same secondary school. Everytime we walked pass by each other we ignored each other. Even though I felt angry and hated towards her... The best moments that we spent together will always stay in my mind. :'(
Epicangel Epicangel
13-15, F
Nov 26, 2012