My Best Friend Was Mean And Cold, But I Still Miss Her.

I've know my ex best friend since kindergarten. We always had good laughs, lots of inside jokes, and we shared secrets. At first she started to be clingy and possesive, then she started to be mean and bossy. I would invite her to my house and my brother's friend would be there, and she would ditch me, or be cold towards me, or i would invite her to the pool with my family and when we got there she would ignore me the whole time. Sometimes it felt like she was using me, but at other times she was really nice and funny. What made it the hardest to stop being friends with her was that she knew that she was mean to me, and everytime she would appologize and cry because she said she hated herself, but then the next day she would be mean again. I wasn't sure if it was an act or if she really felt that way and couldn't help it, but I couldn't keep being friends with her, she made me cry and feel bad. I tried to tell her directly, but i couldn't, the words just wouldn't come out. My mom noticed she was being mean and told me that if i wanted, I could tell her that my mom had me from her. I did, but now i wish i had told her that i didn't want to be friends anymore, but i just couldn't. I can't hurt people, no matter how much they deserve it. A couple months later, she told me that she missed being my friend, and i told her i did too, but i agreed with my mom, but then we were interupted and she never spoke to me again other that a hi while passing by. Did I do the right thing to stop being friends with her, or should i have just put up with her? I wish i could ask her why she started being mean to me. What did i do to her? I miss her a lot, but only her nice side. I know i can't just have that though.
Ivybumblebee Ivybumblebee
Nov 30, 2012