I Thought That We Were Good Friends

It's week someone I thought was a good friend told me he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He said that he just wanted to be friendly and supportive with my move, that we got along well at work...but we've met a few times for coffee since I moved and text each other often. We even talked on the phone at length a few times...the he told me in a very mean email this week that I think we are closer than we are and he doesn't think he can be the friend I need him to be...

I don't understand because I always asked him if it was okay that I talk to him about things and such, but he knows I am going through a rough time and he just leaves me.

It has been a bad year and one good thing was him in my life. I guess, now I feel like it was his loss, though. I know I am a great friend and he just didn't appreciate it. I still miss him and wish we could still be friends...but he said so many awful things that were opposite of what he's always said before. How could someone be so cruel?
Tilvera Tilvera
31-35, F
Dec 1, 2012