The Gift Of Magic

I miss you, my magical friend, and wish you were here to see dragons and winding paths with me...

RedRubies RedRubies
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awww . . . I hope your magical friend returns RR and I totally love the pic . . . wow . . . looks sooo real it is magical . . .

Thank you, my friend is indeed magical ;-) I love this picture too... I want to adopt a little dragon!

he'd make the perfect most adorable cigarette lighter . . . hahahahaha . . . 8D

He would! Then when he grows up, he can heat the entire city to save on bills AND turn anyone I don't like into crispy bacon! WIN!

I hope your friend returns soon

Thanks for your sweet thoughts my friend XOX

Xoxoxo to you. I will be around more after this week I hope.

Great! Always good to see you

Awwww......hugs....I love the tiny dragon and I hope your magic returns.....

Thanks Sie!

Don't worry, I'll be back.

I'll stock up on mace; thanks for the foreshadowing ^-^

NO RR! Wasp Spray! Did you not read this:!!???!! there no end to your knowledge? I'm snapping up a box!


Not for use on Garcia though. We want to encourage him to come back!

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Thank you ;-)

I love that picture. :)<br />
And the thought with it!