I'll Never Forget Her

We met in June 2002.  I was a "Personal Care Assistant" for her.  We became so close that she became my best friend, and an "adopted" mom to me.  I shared everything with her.  She taught me several things.  She was close to the same age my mother would have been.

I'd grown to love this woman dearly.  She meant the world to me and the feeling was mutual.  I listed her as my mother if I had to use a relatives' name and numbers, when my kids did not have their own addresses close enough to use.

For nearly five years Miss J and I became extremely close.  I would tell her my deep dark secrets and she'd tell me hers.  I was the daughter that she could talk to about things that she didn't feel comfortable talking to her own daughter about.

She was very close to God and had a great understanding of the Bible.  She taught me as if she were my Sunday School teacher.  I used to tell her:  "Okay, it's time for some Sunday School  101."  She'd ask me what is was I had a question about and we'd talk in lengths about it.  She told me she was glad that I asked her because that would help her stay "brushed up" on her own Spirituality.

She passed away in February.  I miss her so much.  Sometimes I feel her with me.  But it's just not the same.  I'll always love and remember this Lady that became my friend and "adopted" mother.

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2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

soinds so nice and you must have been very close to each other and i bet you felt safe with each other

Simply Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hugs & Love, livingwell