I Miss My Chat Friend

Before the year ended last year I started to chat with this guy.  Our first few chats were short and there was nothing remarkable.  I even had doubts if were going to stay chatting for so long because he only goes online at nights and he had a very poor internet connection that's why most of the time our chats had to be cut short by sudden disconnection.  But we went online at the same time every night and that started the habit.  We started enjoying each other's company.  We talked about anything and everything under the sun.  Our chats ranged from the mundane to philosophical, from friendly to intimate. There was a time I felt I may be already in love with him.  But quite honestly, to get into an internet relationship with him was too far-fetched.  For one, he was so far away.  More importantly, he was single, I am (still) married. But we knew we liked each other so much and given more time, we know that our friendship could develop into something  deeper.  Nevertheless, I just dropped this dream and just wanted to enjoy his company.  Every night, we looked forward to chatting with each other.  Occasionally, he would go online while at work (even though it's prohibited in their office) and just chat for a while or else leave me IM's.  I found that too sweet.  We chatted for 3 months straight ... almost.  By the end of March, he had to be relocated to another city.  He told me that he isn't sure when he can settle and be back online.  I told him I would wait for him.  It's been more than a month now since our last chat and I have not heard from him.  I think I have lost him.  I truly miss him.

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3 Responses Apr 10, 2009

Ahh, sorry you lost your chat friend! Hope you find more! D ;-)

Sorry to hear this...............it hurts. Same thing happened to me. I still miss Tim. But I tell myself I'm greatful for the time I had with him. Tim felt he needed to move on........and his happiness is all that matters. So sometimes I talk to him in spirit to make myself feel better.........things like "I hope you are well and be at peace." It's hard being human.

Hi there i can be ur chat friend too. I am married but lonely.