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Hello, I'm currently in the 11th grade ( its summer break, just finished 10th grade), One month of summer break has passed by, and most of my buddies have gone somewhere , didn't react to it too greatly until today, my friend got a call from his employer and he is going abroad for a month, he came by couple a minutes ago and printed out the boarding pass for the ship. That was a real shocker, i only know him since the beginning of 10th grade, September 2009, but god damn is he a good friend or what, and now, he is going away for a month. The real thing that depresses me is that, high school ends in 12th grade, in April. 10th grade is over, and I only have ONE full year of 11th grade left, after that we are all going apart, and at the moment, I get a teardrop, a really small one in my eye when I think about it. All the good and close friends i have acquired in high school, are going to break apart, I know I will keep in contact whit the really good ones, but when i go to University, the best time of my life will be OVER. Seriously , at the end of 10th grade i have realised that probably the best time of my life is high school (10-12th grade in our country). I think im going to cry my eyes out when it all ends :( . Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a guy.
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Feeling the same way right now :( I have just begun tenth grade and our classes have been mixed up so i am apart from loads of my friends. I miss them so much already and i cant beleive that in a few years that seem to be passing quicker and quicker as time goes by we will all be split up. There's a load i will be upset about, but a few people i swear i cant live without.