My Best Buddies

Since I joined the Orchestra in my University, I always have no time seeing my buddies or hanging with them. My rehearsal time is from 4 PM till 7 or 8. I usual want to them after rehearsal but, they always go home early (they want to study and to rest). Sometimes, i feel alone even though people surrounds me. For me, I feel secure and happy when im with my best buddies. Sometimes, I want to quit at the orchestra but i will miss the scholarship and my Music Life. I dont want to regret the day when I will quit in Orchestra. I want to be with the Orchestra and with my best buddies. I want to to know them that I really miss them. I feel so lonely and alone.. I want to hang with my friends again and do the good old days things and stuffs.
olracdude olracdude
Jul 20, 2010