Married and Lost Touch

Since moving to PA and getting married almost 5 years ago I've lost touch with the few good friends I had and I regret that.  I find myself wondering what they're up to and once in awhile I'll try to reach one of them but it's not the same after getting married.  My wife never liked the idea of my having female friends (she always suspected there was more to these friendships, though there wasn't) and she doesn't care for my best friend (who I haven't seen in years) because he's a recovering alcoholic (sober for 17 years) and had a child out of wedlock.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day with two young ones at home, so there's little opportunity to make new friends.  Ho-hum.

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I keep in contact with mine everyday. Do you have their emails, phone numbers, addresses, et c?

I know what you mean as well...after divorcing my ex and remarrying to someone has become to chaotic to make new friends. There are only 3 or three from my previous life that I am able to keep in touch maybe once a month if I have time. Or send an email to if I think of your not alone in this...<br />
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I am sorry to hear that your wife feels the way she does. That is what happens when you get hurt. That hurt carries over to other relationships. I am lucky that my husband knows me well enough that what male friends I have are just friends. He has female friends that were his friends before we got together and I didn't expect him to just push them away just because we are together. As it is, my friends became his friends and same for me...<br />
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Hope you make time to get in touch with those that matter the most...

i know what you mean..i left my friends in a different country and now i am playing the "iffs" game on a regular daily bases.