Caught Up With Someone I Used to See Every Day


I went to boarding school, I used to see my friends every day, and it was like that for seven years. More like brothers I guess.

I didn't see Greg for over a year and a half, since 2005, he lives far away. But I managed to catch up with him and my mate josh this weekend. We stayed at my grandmother's beach house and I'm still surprised I went and sorted that all out, it was like someone was controlling my mind. I just don't do stuff like that. 

I miss all the characters that I got so used to, the assurance that I could seek a range of opinions and ideas if I wanted to at any time. I do not miss many things about that place...but I do miss the people.

I’m surprised I feel this way, because at school I spent most of my time trying to separate myself from the social world, and I still do at work. Although I doubt I'll miss that many people from work, although the people (as characters) will stick in my mind.

So the lesson for me is that I should keep the oldest friendships strong, I need to put more of an effort into my relationships with friends. I should occasionally do things that I see no good reason to do, like go to social gatherings and **** like that. Maybe I was optimistic about this weekend because it was on terms.

It was a lot easier to stay good friends when they where next door in another dorm, but now...a lot harder. At least it was still as comfortable as it ever was, spending time hanging out playing Xbox and walking along the beach like we used to when we would holiday there over new years. Long time passing, not much has changed, I hope it doesn’t.

Friends help you gauge how much you have changed, and they give the opinions you value the most. So yeah, I do miss my friends.

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1 Response May 13, 2007

That's so true, that last part, about gaging how much you change. I've never thought about it like that, but it is a very accurate, eloquent statement about something deep down I think we all know.