Ep Friends Gone Already

I made some friends here and now they are gone...some messaged before leaving...some just left and I cant see them on here...and some wont reply...

it does feel kinda sad...knowing that you shared some nice moments together...not necessarily always related to sex or flirting...and then you are just gone...it is strange cuz its not like you have known them for long but you feel a void...

anyone feel like that on here?
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6 Responses Dec 16, 2012

hi there!
just wanted to friends who care to know that I have not gone. Got reported over a silly matter and hence I have not been able to log on.
Created a new id but just dont have the time or energy to recreate all that I have here...
hope you connect with the few who know me well...
take care...xxx

I feel like that too. It is hard when you feel like you opened up to someone, and they disappear. But remember, everyone comes into your life for a reason... once their part is done they move on. Just be glad for the moments that you had.

It is never personal!

so true...its beautiful the moments you have shared...and you would always remember them...for sure the special ones...
agree its never personal...still the heart wishes they would atleast say good bye...

I agree. You have a beautiful heart... I can tell! I think there are amazing things in store for you.

awww thank you...you are such a sweet person yourself...

very kind and generous...thank you again...
you truly deserve a cuddle :)

You're such a sweetie

as are you :)

I've been away and moved and back to study, but now i'm back, big hugs to all ! please forgive

hey there, welcome back :)
you dont need to apologize...happy to have you back...hope you are doing fine...take care and looking forward to staying connected :)

Lives get busy, babies arrive, jobs change, circumstances evolve, spouses/significant others find accounts and go apeshit with jealousy or shock at what they find, or one judgmental hater making harsh comments could drive them off the site... stuff happens, particularly when people are being as open as they usually are among the anonymity of EP.

I would guess that way more often than not, it's one of the above, and not you.

hey there, thanks for the comment! I agree...it would be very narcissistic of me to think it was because of me...but that doesnt stop you from missing them...

life goes on...EP is not the only place to be as well...has already happened to me many times :)

Yes. I have developed a friendship for about 5 years and then the people just change and flake out or suddenly turn against you. Internet friendships are dangerous to the heart and soul, in my opinion, and so now, I am waaay more careful with that kind of thing.

never had something as drastic like that happen...just friends gone missing...maybe they didnt want to be here...maybe they didnt want to talk to me anymore...but thats it...still enjoy making friends...just that I dont bother too much when things go cold...just a part of life on here :)