My Best Friend Lives 1500 Miles Away!

Hi, my name is Tim, i'm 22 years old and I live in the UK.

In September 2008 I took a trip to Spain to see some friends. There are met more friends but one stood out. His name is Pablo. He is 20.

After exchanging email addresses, we kept in contact, and in June I returned to stay with him for a week. After the week he came back with me to see where i live. In September i returned again for the whole month, and again, after he came back to the UK for 3 months. These 4 months with him have been the BEST moments of my life. I feel like we were fused together as brothers.

I remember the day he left... he was crying so much that it was unbearable. That night I cried so hard. It was very intense... I felt a part of me had been ripped away. 58 days later, today... i feel slightly better, but i still miss him terribly. I still keep in regular contact with him through Skype but it just doesn't feel the same.

I feel torn up, but surprisingly he doesn't. He seems to have gotten over his feelings of sadness.

What can I do about these feelings? I hate being like this. He himself has said to me that I need to do things to take my mind of the situation. But it just doesn't work. I don't want to forget him either, because that would pain me further, and I feel is unnecessary,

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


TimmyTucker TimmyTucker
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Tim I miss my friends so much, and I too.feel they have got past such feelings. It friggin hurts. I hate feeling like this, so though in contact with them, I have lessen my contact with them.i must things can not be how they used to, everyone lives away.missing them, going crazy about them is not a good way the days. Get strong, take charge , you can be okay with living apart and keeping along distance friendship. Got to.try , I was so tired of feeling like this, I have just refused a holiday with my friends who I really want to.spend time with. Why cos in a week it over, they wont be available to see fir ages. I miss them so much again, the cycle will restart, I need to break this cycle this dependeancy, it is not good for my everyday life. Im putting my energy into.things I enjoy, personal goals, got ti build a life ill miss, to.stop missing people who cant be there everyday. Lets Di it together?