when i first saw her i was in love we quickly became bestfreinds and one day she kissed me that was the happiest moment of my 14 years but at the end of the school year she went to a diffrent school i saw her again a year later then we really got tarted but barley a month later i moved away i still cry every nightt as it's been 2 months since i moved there's a chunk missing from my heart
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Aww buba, that's always sucha sad and depressing thing. i bet she feels the same x


:( sad

Hi, I'm really sorry to hear that. All I can say is that the pain of a lost relationship will happen to you over and over again. But the good news is that you will also love many more people. I loved my best friend from 6th to 9th grade, she didn't love me. I fell in love again and it was wonderful until it ended. And then I shared a house with and dated a girl for 8 months in 10th grade and one night she left without an explanation. But you know what? I'm still feeling optimistic about finding love again. Because the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people and you are worthy of their beauty. So walk tall, kid, because you'll get many more magical kisses before you know it.

Ah, yes i see. such a sad thing, i wish i could move away from my ex. she tells me about her pain and regret for our breakup every day, if i left then my presence wouldn't hurt her anymore