My Grandchildren

To whom it may concern:

I really do not know where to begin. Maybe you can help me! I have written so many letters to so many people, and I am still looked at as an abusive person. No on really knows me except for The Good Lord HIMSELF. I know I am not a bad person and everyone else that has known me all my life knows that I am not a bad person. I would do anything thing for anyone. All they would have to do is ask. I would give a stranger the shirt off my back if he needed it. But, when it come to DCF, I am the worst person in the world. They assume I am bad. They don’t know me from Adam. DCF does not like my son and that is what it all boils down to. You know, my son made mistakes. He is now in prison. Me, well the only mistake I have made is trying to do the right thing and abide by the laws and obey the rules and stay out of trouble. If anyone was to look at my life history, per the adoption agency in Fort Pierce, FL, I have never done anything wrong. If all people were judged as I have been judged by what others that I am related to have done wrong, this would be one hell of a place to live. That is how DCF is judging me. I am the one along with my husband, who has also never done anything wrong in his life, are the ones that want to give our grandchildren a loving home to live in. Everyone knows, I do not give up easily. I love those children more than anything else in the world. I miss them so very much. No one knows how I feel. DCF knows deep down in there hearts that we would never do anything to harm those children. It all comes back to the fact that they hate my son. I guess you are going to tell me that every single person that works for DCF is perfect. Well, given a chance, I could prove a few things different about several people in that group. These so-called perfect people that work in these departments are perfect and do not do anything wrong, and never make mistakes. Well, you have Miss Vega and Miss Toombs that go around telling grandparents that they are no longer grandparents and to leave them alone. They told me that and told me to quit calling them, they have nothing more to say to me. Then, when I call up different departments, the people are nice to me and ask me what can they do to help me, and when I tell them my name, they become instantly cold to me and they tell me that they have no information, or they put me on hold and then I realize that after 20 to 30 minutes on hold they are not going to help me. One of these days, everyone that has humiliated me will be in my shoes. They will suffer just as I have. They will want something so bad and they will not be able to have it. They will loose someone they love, and I hope to GOD it happens soon to the right people. DCF has no right to ruin lives like they do.

You know, I don’t have a lot of money, but at least I have an almost perfect life. To make my life perfect, would be to have my grandchildren in my life. The hopes of one day I see them again is what makes me wake up each day and pray that I will see them real soon. I hope everyone that is involved in this matter realizes what they have done to those children. Those children will never be loved as much as they were loved when they were with us. What gives DCF the right to say what kind of a person I am. Who ever reads this letter, and i do hope many people do, I really do need your help. I need to see my grandchildren. The state has no right to keep them away from me as they have done for the past 2 years. I love those children more than anything. Please, can you help me or can you guide me in the right direction. I have done what any other person has to do to adopt children. I filled out several forms, had a physical, and was fingerprinted and also had a very intensive background check done on me. Per Miss Dorrington of the Fort Pierce adoption agency, they could not find anything wrong with me or my husband. I believe that my husband and I are being discriminated against because of who the children are and who the parents are. I bet if I was to adopt some other children, I would not have any problems. I do believe someone better take another look at how I am being treated. Discrimination is not a very nice issue to have to deal with.

You know there is something strange about the adoption of these children. DCF says that they are finished with this case and per them, this case is closed. The children are in the hands of the adoption agency. The adoption agency can’t find anything wrong with me or my husband, but they say DCF is keeping us from adopting my grandchildren, but per DCF this case is closed and they have nothing more to do with my grandchildren. The adoption agency is saying that there is nothing wrong with me, and when they were at my home on 03/01/10, they told me they would love for the children to be with the grandparents, those grandparents being myself and my husband. Please, I need some clarification. I love those children. I want them back in my life and I will do whatever it takes to see that is done before I die. I want to hold them and never let them go. I would like to know why I am told so many different stories. Everyone blames the issue on everyone else. As always, no one wants to take the blame, but everyone can certainly blame me for being a bad person which I am not. This is a true case of discrimination. People not liking me because of who my son is and not giving me a chance to prove to people that I am a good person. That is not fair. Please, I need my grandchildren in my life. Can anyone out there help me?

Very Respectfully Yours,

Ann Lyalls

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51-55, F
May 12, 2010