My Hero

My Grandfather was an amazing man.He guided me through life with the simplest sayings.He was a friend,father, husband,and my light in the dark.He was a sheriff when i was a little kid.I used to sneak in his room just to try on his sheriff ring.I still sneak in even now.I actually did it yesterday after the funeral.Still too big for me.i remember the day he passed away.I walked out of my bedroom and my sister shouted papa died.I broke down automatically, grabbed my car keys and took off to see for myself the truth.I showed up on his road at about 7 in the morning to 4 sheriff cars and my uncle benji staring at me in the driveway.i asked him what happened and he simply said he went to sleep and diddnt wake up.I walked in the house and looked around and my mema was sitting in the same wooden chair my papa sat in to smoke and eat in, with her head down she was crying.I sat down on the couch and just stared into a picture on the wall of my grandfather I started crying.I couldnt believe this was happening.My grandmother started walking down the hallway to his bedroom she said ill be okay i need a couple minutes alone, at this time i did not know my grandfathers body was still in his bed.I walked to his bedroom to speak with my mema I looked on the bed and saw my grampa laying there.Ill never forget his face.It scared me to death ive never seen a dead body before.I stumbled out of the room and walked to the bathroom and rinsed my face off.I walked out the back door and said nothing else to noone.Ive had nightmares ever since( for 3 days now)His face in the bed is what i keep seeing, followed by Happy times i had with him.I was just at his house 2 weeks earlier talking to him about are normal conversations,I was trying to get him to give me his guns,he was trying to get my car.We talked about my girlfriend leslie,he liked her and thought she was the one for me.we talked about BP and the oil spill,the type of cig. he smoked,The cheapest ones:), and how he wanted me to take down the broken ceining fan and replace it with a light.He always gave me the greatest advice.Wear that seat belt, Dont speed, Keep working hard, and dont get a credit card.We had the funeral yesterday i was a pallbearer.sheriffs that my grampa used to work with came, Every pew was filled.that was nice to see.the 9 mile community was great.My mema diddnt cry, shes strong and realizes that everything happens for a reason and just trusts in God with everything.It was the hardest thing placing my grandfather in the hearse but we did it. We then drove to the graveyard.We then had to take him out again.We had a moment of prayer with the pastor and i took my flower off my shirt and placed it on his casket with tears rolling down my face.everyone was talking about how hott it was outside.i closed my eyes and thought to myself i wonder what the weather my papa is experiencing in heaven is like.All of a sudden a white cloud rolled in front of the sun and a steady breeze made me feel at peace.I felt like it was his way of saying im here chase.Ill never forget him.I love and miss him and always will.I know one day i will see him again.His new life is now started.
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Being a pallbearer at my Grandpa's funeral was the greatest honor of my life, I know I can never be half the man he was, but in his memory, I'll try my hardest. He suffered for the last 15 years and never once complained about being so weak, or not even being able to walk. The reason I cried at his funeral wasn't out of sadness, but out of joy at the thought that now he is walking, laughing and watching the Browns and Indians from the most comfortable seat in heaven. I dont remember the last time he could even walk down to the lake with me, but you can bet I'm looking forward to the time when I can walk through heaven at his side, and I'll match him step for step.