He Was Amazing...

He left so suddenly. I only remember spending one day with him, although it may have been 2 days that fused together in my memory. Anyways, that is my single most favorite day of my life. In that one day he lit a passion in me for music that burns through my every action. He planted a little sibling rivalry between me and my uncle(his son), who is a month and a week younger than me.

When he passed away my mom left the US to go back to Venezuela to take him the medicine he needed because they don't have it in Venezuela. By the time my mom got there it was too late. She said good bye to him, and I didn't even know anything was wrong. My mom left while I was in school. I was in 3rd grade. I was 7. He had made a promise to me. He can't keep that promise anymore. At first I was angry that he didn't keep his promise. Then I was upset that he didn't take me with him when he died. Now I miss him more than ever and would give anything to spend another day with him.

btw, I was only angry at him while I was little because I didn't fully understand death. I thought it was what you did after retirement, I figured it would be a bunch of old people hanging out.

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I'm sorry you didn't get more time with your grandfather, but I'm happy you have a memory. The only memory my kids of their grandfather is those memories of him that I share.. Hugs to you, and know your grandfather loved you.