Still Missing Him

My Grandfather was a strong man. A proud man. The type of man you would have seen standing tall for a picture in the old days. He came from Europe to Canada and found work as a furniture re-finisher while my grandmother sewed for a living. He couldn't speak English when he came here but learned enough to get by. I was always impressed by him as a child as he somehow seemed larger than life. When he sat at the head of the massive table that we used to eat dinner at he was an imposing presence for sure. I always remembered him finding the time to play with us kids in between card games with his buddies and always had time for me to sit on his lap. He always made me feel I was special to him. He used to carry a big gold pocket watch and I used to always ask him to see it and to listen to it ticking. In the summer we would go raspberry picking near the cottage where they spent their summers. Sadly, he was taken way too early from us in a traffic accident. I wasn't anywhere near done learning from this wonderful man. I still miss him on many occasions. Lately I have been able to return to Montreal where I was born and have visited his and my grandmothers grave site. It was almost as if time hadn't passed. I was crying all over again. I think it was good for me and is a fitting testament to just how much influence this wonderful man had on my life.

 I miss you Nagyapa. Always.

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Nagyapa? Which country is that from?

My heritage is Hungarian. My grandparents (on my mothers side) came to Canada in the first wave in the 1920's. My father emigrated in the 1950's. I am 100% Canadian and very proud of it, but my blood is 100% Hungarian. (explains my temper-lol)<br />
Most of the pictures of my grandfather are on slides which were very popular back in the day. I have many memories of my Dad and Uncle pulling out the projector and all of us sitting around watching the show. I have these in my possession now but I need to get someone to translate them into actual photos.<br />
Thank you all for your kind thoughts and Sanibelle, it's ok to forgive yourself. I'm sure your grandmother would not hold it against you. Almost everybody goes through the rebellious teens. Keeping the memories alive is the most important thing. Writing about this has refreshed mine and as I read all your kind thoughts, I seem to be remembering more and more.<br />
Triple M, u r the best.<br />
<br />

This is a beautiful tribute darling. I know how you feel as my papaw and nannie have both passed away. (my father's parents) I can't go to the gravesite without someone with me because I will sit on the bench in front of their graves and cry uncontrollably until someone comes looking for me and literally carries me back to the car and drives me home. All I can think about is how cancer and heart disease robbed me and my father of so many good times. My heart goes out to you darling. I know this was a heart filled tribute and was very hard for you to compose these thoughts. Take care! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart JJ. I couldn't even get through writing this without getting teary as I am again right now..........He meant the world to me.

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