The Pain Death Caused

monday feb 13 2012
Didnt go to school today. Just seemed like a great day to miss. nothing to do, no where to go. lazy pj day. That was till about 4:00pm when my cell rang. It was my aunt chelsie.
aunt: hey sweetie, how are you?
me: good!
aunt: has your dad called you yet?
me:(in a panic) no why?! whats wrong.
aunt: its grandpa dave sweetie. its not looking to good.
me: why! whats wrong i didnt even know he was sick!
aunt: its time. he isnt doing good. where going up there.and we are gonna come get you!be ready be there soon.

we arrive to the hospital and i rush in.everyones eating. i hug my grandma and try not to and my dad dont get along and he is there with his nasty girl friend. he winks at me and i roll my eyes. we go up to the adult intensive care unit where my grandpa is.i ask to go back and see and my aunt vickkie go in his room and his eyes are blur.he can barly talk.
aunt vick:hey dad its me!how are you?
grandpa:oh good (in a soft whisper)
aunt vick:dad tessas here.
grandpa: (looks around) where?
aunt vick:right here
(i touch his hand)
me:i love you grandpa dave
grandpa:i love you too

went to school on feb 14 2012
went to school on feb 15 2012

in school last block of the day
i get a txt
step:hey cuz im so sorry if u need anything let me know.
me:wtf r u talking about?!what do u know i dont.
step: sorry wrong cuz

me to mom
what is going on!steph just txt me and now im flippen.

class phone rings.
teacher:tessa ur needed in the office

gets to office
me:im needed?
ms.z the grivence officer: tessa your mom called.its about your need to call her
me calling mom
mom:tessa its grandpa he isnt doing good.hes on life support and there gonna pull the plug tonight when uncle dan gets here from texas.
me:i wanna go up there.
mom:i have to go to work
me:ill find my own ride.
i call a cuz and go to the hospital.
we get there an i rush up stairs. my familys waiting and i cry. i go to his room and i see him.i hold his hand and tell him im here and i love him. an that its okay to go. i stayed there all day. i was planning on staying too. hours and hours pass and we go down to get a break and breath. he was fine when we left. we came back up around 9ish at night.the doc came running an said hes gonning. we run to his room and its too late. he was gone. my dad was coming up when he heard. the last thing my grandpa said to me was he loved me. he was like my father.he was my best friend and my Vietnam hero!rest in peace!
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