My Dear Grandma............

Back in the beginning of Jan this year I lost my grandpa who I am still grieving about.On April 16th of this year I woke tdo the worst text message ever. I got a message saying that my 97yr old grandma has passed away. I was in complete and total shock because I didn't know how to handle myself because I was away at school and not near any family. I am the type of person who holds all of my emotions in and this I just struggled with. I ended up crying over 3times that day yrs and its because I hadnt talked to her in 2yrs and i havent seen her in over 4yrs because of my Aunt and Uncle keeping everyone away except for their children.When I started to think about that it just broke me down and I was very close to her. All I could think about that day was when I last talked to her asking me why I havent called or stopped into visit I couldnt give an answer cause my uncle was listening into the conversation. So still as its only been a month now that she has been gone I feel bad that I never got the chance to say to goodbye. And I am really blaming myself and I also call myself a bad person.
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