Grandma Dolly

She is petite and a little pudgy, with salt-and-pepper hair and big soft hazel eyes. Her skin is old, but well taken care of- she has moisturized daily for over 50 years, so now her face is smoother than the faces of typical women her age. She has avoided the sun, so she is fair, and retains some of the glow of youth despite her 80 years. She always smells of vanilla and spice, and her embrace will melt away your worries.

She has fulfilled many roles in her life. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and now a great-grandmother.
Her hands are bent, arthritic after all the years, but they are soft and warm, and they have served her well. In her youth, she was an opera singer and played the lead in Madame Butterfly. She was the frustrated wife of a temperamental husband. She fed, diapered, and kissed the foreheads of five children, and grieved over the loss of two unborn children. She silently endured the verbal abuse of her husband for decades, believing that her children were more important than her pride.

She attended her church faithfully, and lead the choir. She welcomed the needy into her home and fed them while they told her their sad stories. She provided moral and financial support to battered women who had mustered the courage to leav their violent homes. She shared her light with anyone she encountered, and even hardened criminals that she visited in prison during her missions gave her the respect they would show their own loving mothers.

She waited until her youngest child had left the nest, and then she made the bold move to get a divorce after 49 years of marriage to the only man who had ever touched her. She left everything behind to start fresh. She got herself a job and saved until she could buy a house, and she continued to be a beacon of light to others all the while, working in a retirement home, providing gentle care and the warmth and selfless love that she is so wonderfully adept at providing.

My grandmother is an amazing person. I am told that I look like her and act like her, and I will always take that as a compliment. Even now, after she has been living in a different city for years, I still have people stop me in the streets and ask about my grandmother. She has touched the lives of so many, and I hope I will be able to follow in her footsteps, giving my all to make my world a better place and spread the love that everyone deserves and hungers for.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
Jul 14, 2010