My granny died June 3rd of this year and I am most certain she is in Heaven with her maker.
I cannot describe to anyone the amount of things that she did for me or instilled in me as a child, but here is my go at it.

She was a wonderful, beautiful, strong, GOD fearing woman who always believed in the equality of both men and women. She worked for thirty years in a hot mill to provide a better life for her children and grandchildren. She taught us (my sister and I ) that we could do anything that we set our minds to.
She spent a lifetime raising sibilings, then children of her own, then grandchildren and then great-grandchildren. She always made us feel like we were a priority in her life. She gave respect therefore teaching respect.
I went over to the nursing home 2 days before she passed and wheeled her outside just to talk and for her not to have to look at the same four walls all day. She kept asking me why did you bring me out first I thought she was having another bad "memory" day..but then she went on to tell me that she was 82 years old and she was tired the man she had loved and was married to for 60+ years had just passed away 6 months prior and that she loved me and that she was proud of me, but again she was tired and she was ready to go. She asked me that day when I rolled her back in to stay and take a nap with her..and I had to explain that her and myself could not fit in that little bed I wasn't the little girl she once napped with, but oh how I wish I were. That was the last conversation I had with this great woman..
So Granny I just want to tell ya I love ya and I know in due time I will see you once again and I want to say to you how lucky I am to have had you as my grandmother and to have had children that got to really know their great-grandmother!! You were the backbone of your family and molded me well in how to become the backbone of mine!
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really i miss my granny a much.