It Hurts

I miss my grandma. I had been living overseas for ten months, and she passed away just a few hours before I was to see her. I'm so sad that I didn't get to tell her how much I loved her one last time.  She was so loving and had a wicked sense of humour.  I'm so heart broken. 
kibu kibu
3 Responses Sep 6, 2010

Thank you for the support and comments about my story. They've made me feel better, and it's nice to know that you care and take the time to respond. Thank you.

Telling Grandma on her death bed that you loved her one more time was not as important to her or she would have stayed to hear it. There's the beauty in your loving relationship, she knew how you felt and didn't want to put her expected journey off for another second and knew you'd understand. This is how your parting was meant to be. <br />
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Don't be heartbroken. You had her for a lifetime of wonderful memories. She just was anxious to move on and see all the people she's been missing through her lifetime. Be happy for her. Be happy for yourself and your wonderful memories of her.

Your Grandma was a GOOD! and WICKED WOMAN as you say! She know's you LOVED and that love will never go away because she has passed. My Wife's Sister Passed Away a Year ago Today! it does get easier.