My Lovely Grandmother

I was closer to my Grandmother than I have ever been to my mother.
We lived with her and then she lived with us. She was very polite and very kind. And always very much the lady! Not "put on airs and graces", but just natural and elegant; a lady with a soft gentleness and refinement about her.
She taught me to treat others with respect and tried to instill in me the politeness that was so natural to herself (of which she has succeeded in the main). I smile when I think how each mealtime she insisted on putting on lace tablecloths, laying out the best china with milk jugs and sugar basins just so it would look nice for us!
I think my Grandmother was a little unusual when she was younger (and of which I am proud). She never married until much later (certainly for those times) – very late 20’s and was a Manager of a Milliners shop (and a very skilled hat maker herself). My mom (and uncle) never came along until she was 30 odd which back then was unheard of!
She could make clothes (or toys like Teddy Bears) better then anything you could buy in a shop today and was always in demand to make these said clothes for family and friends. I think if she had been young in this day and age, my Grandmother would have been a real “trail blazer” in the world of fashion, paving the way and creating waves!
I remember so fondly her kindness and patience. She practically taught me to read and write and instilled her love of stories and poems in me.
She was a wonderful cook!
A hard worker! At home, with her "career"  and during her life in general.  I remember in her late 60’s when we must have been hard up for cash, my Grandmother working at a garage long hours – not in the office but outside on the forecourts cleaning and washing all the cars and taking care of me at the same time while my mom was at work!
And a very glamourous lady. Even in her last years, she always looked her best. And pictures of when she was younger, show a beautiful and gentle lady with kind eyes. There was a touch of the “dashing” about the pictures too – My grandfather (whom I never knew) on his motorbike with my Grandmother sitting in the side car, or pictures of them leaning against their vintage car – almost Bonnie and Clyde style!
My sisters, brother and I will never forget my Grandmother. She had been there for all of us in one way or another and made a real difference in our lives. A real Star and one of a kind!
I am proud to be her granddaughter. I just loved my Grandmother.
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It is wonderful to see a grand daughter writing about her Grand Mother and has more fond memories of her than her own parents. Sometime certain people break the age gap and live with others by keeping their mentality as theirs. Your Grand Mother seems to be one of those, and must say you are lucky to be with her.<br />
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If possible share one her picture.<br />
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Thanks Chetnya :)

you deserve to be very proud of your grandmother. after all she played the hand delt to her pretty well.

Yes. She was a strong woman and much admired by all who knew her :)

I miss my great grandma as she passed away when I was 2, but I remember her holding me several tmess and playing with me, and jst loving me to death, what a GREAT grandma.

I'm so sorry! i miss my grandma so much! its been 8 months since she passed away. i was so close to my grandma. i still remember the time my mom told me that she passed away. my mom came in and out of my room trying to find her pass port. and i after a while i asked her whats going on? she sat me down and said your grandma passed away from a heart attack. my grandma and grandpa were in Ecuador for there 51 wedding anniversary. my grandma died in my grandpa's arms. my mom had to go to Ecuador to go and tranceport her all the way to U.S. when i went to her funeral i gave her my LOVE neckless. its buried with her, but when ever i go to ca, is very hard for me to be happy. <br />
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through out 8 months i have done horrible things because i have been so depressed :(<br />
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im so sorry for your lost of your grandma

I am very sorry for your recent loss princess. My grandmother in my story passed away some years ago but has never been forgotten.<br />
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Remember the good times with her. I am sure she would want you to be happy.

Thanks hon!

Thank you! She taught me so much, offered encouragement and (unlike my mother) never criticised or judged me! But even without the sentiment and love due to the fact she was my Grandmother, I think if I'd just met her on life's journey, she would of stood out to me.<br />
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Just such gentleness about her, but great strength too. Some people just radiate 'life' and have that certain something that captures others attention. My grandmother had that.<br />
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Thank you for commenting. :)

What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. You clearly show your deep love and respect for her and have described her wonderful character and admirable qualities perfectly, she clearly was a great inspiration to you and an excellent role model. I enjoyed reading this and it has brought to mind many cherished and wonderful memories of my own dear grandmother, who was also a very special lady.and a great inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing have greatly inspired me to write a tribute to my own precious grandmother.

Thank you so much Teeny! As you said, she was an excellent role model. I hope you write something too. hugs :)

Thank you Kata. She definitely was a very refined and gentle lady but she also was an extraordinarily strong person; in mind, body and spirit. I didn't know you had also written a story here. Will go and have a look now. Love and hugs to you.

This is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I am also closer to my grandmother than my mother as well. I felt as if you were describing my grandmother, not her personal life but her personality traits. People like them are one in a million, the most kind-hearted compassionate loving people in the world.

Aww. Thanks. Yes. Very loving and giving. Thank you for commenting :)

Sillyginger and Missmickey. Thank you for commenting :)

Awww she sounds lovely.. You were lucky to have such a nice grandmother. I miss my grandmother so much.

Grandmothers are very special. :) thank you for stopping by and leaving comment :)

Loving friend~ she is very proud of you,she is a testament to the woman you are today. Made me cry just reading about her giving,teaching loving. I see why you are so talented have many of her qualities~ She lives in your heart ,now down to your son~beautiful read! xxx you are a shining STAR! happy I met you!<br />
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lov all the nice comments...<br />
i have a old pic of my Gran wearing a fur standing in front of a old car too :) a real beauty ~

Candy. Thank you so much for popping in here. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of comments received but it is so wonderful. A fantastic tribute for my Grandmother. And so many of us can relate. Your compliments as always genuinely appreciated. :) Your a star too!

liguidgold i know how you feel...i've recently lost my Grandfather and he was very close to me and my brother, I truely miss him and I like to say this to my greiving Grandmother "You have to be happy for what WAS, not sad for what could have been" because it's true! I don't think we ever get over things like this, we wish only that our wounds may heal, leaving a scar of memories that may comphert (spelling sorry) us by reminding us how our Grandparent was such a great person!

Lena and teleeR - thanks for popping in to comment :)

To those who have thanked me for this story - thank you back. :)