I Miss Her

My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. I was scared for her, but then she beat it. Everyone was so happy! That is, until a few years ago when it came back. I thought for sure she would beat it. But it kept getting worse and worse, until the point where my parents wouldn' sugarcoat it for me: she was dying. I refused to believe it. She wouldn't die. She already beat it once, she could do it again. I cried so much about it. As if that would change it. Then, In January, a few weeks after her birthday, she passed away. And I didn't cry when my father told me. I still haven't cried about it that much. I shed more tears for her when she was alive and I knew she was suffering. Now I shed no tears because I know she fought so hard against it, but cancer won, and she can finally rest. I miss her, it hasn't even been a year since she died, but I know now that I have a guardian angel.
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Nice tribute to your grandmother.