She Was The Best

My grandma was 50 when she died and who wouldnt miss there grandmother when they die when she died i felt like i couldnt talk to anyone about but i was wrong everyone was there for me and i just didnt know how to express my feelings to anyone who was willing to listen to me at the time and my grandma was the best she listened to me and i listened to me when i had something to say
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 13, 2012

i have been there:( my nan was 64 she died infront of me on christmas day when i was just turned 17 i know how hard it is my nan was my second parent if me and my mum fell out she was there for me to talk to and make me feel better she babyed me and made me feel like i was really happy it took a long time and i went through alot to get over it but your not online i think this is a reallly good site to help talk to people and get over it i wished i had found this site then so dont worry stay strong times a healer you will be fine and shes now your angel who is looking after you :)