She Would Have Been 103 This Year

In a couple of weeks, my Granny would have celebrated her 103rd birthday if she was still with us. She did live to the ripe old age of 93 and I was born on her 50th birthday.

There are some things that I wished that I'd asked her while she was alive.  You know, many times, younger people don't truly appreciate their elders until their gone.

Some stories that I can recall:  My Granny once told us that she rode her horse to school when she was a young girl.  Every journey somewhere  seemed to be a major excursion and not just a quick car trip.  There was much more hard work necessary for mere daily existence.  Also, she told tales of feeding who she referred to as "hobos" during the great depression when they would be passing through town, hopping on and off freight trains and showing up at the doorstep. 

And, I remember hearing how hard it was raising five children back in the 1930's.  She never learned to drive and walked almost every day of her life.  Her hands were gnarled from rheumatoid arthritis, but she could cook some of the most delicious foods that you can imagine.

Yeah, I miss my Granny.
LoneBlogger LoneBlogger
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Sep 7, 2012