I Lost My Best Friend, Nina

7 years ago on sept 9th 2005 i got to say good bye to the one person i looked up to in my life my grandma aka NINA. she passed away from three types of cancer. i miss her so much. i need her here with me. ever since shes left i have been disown by my family. life hasnt been the same since shes passed. no matter how much counselling i get for her it makes it worse and doesnt help. counselling wont bring her back to me. she was the leader of our family, the light of my day and she was everything to me and more. she did everything in her power to give me what i needed in life. The day i last saw her she was laying in the hospital bed pale skin and ice cold. she held on for me to say good bye. i didnt wanna leave her side that day. i walked out of her room and fell to the floor crying saying its not fair its just fair. but i have slowly put in my mind that shes not suffering anymore and shes at peace. i just miss her alot.

dididothewrongthing88 dididothewrongthing88
22-25, F
Sep 13, 2012