I Miss Nan.

My Nan passed away 3 months ago. It didn't really hit me at the time, I think I was in denial. Now reality has kicked in and I miss her so much. I've never lost someone I love before and don't really know how to deal but I guess you just gotta. Sorry to all of you going through the same, it's undescribable.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

I miss my Grandma too, and it has been a couple years. Time does heal you, but you will never not miss the presence. I find myself remembering all the good times, and making the other members of my family smile by telling them about what I remember. It makes it easier that I can cry with my Mom when we both miss her too much too.<br />
Don't ever feel bad for FEELING...and if you need a sholder let me know. :-)