After 6 Years I Wonder If Sometimes It's Normal To Still Miss My Gram This Much!

I used to tell her she would live past 100, she was so full of life, she died from injuries suffered in a car accident at age 87. She was going to buy items to make Valentines Cookies with. She was the prettiest, nicest, most wonderful lady I knew, the best Grandma in the world. I probably still cry once a week. My family does not know. They were going to toss out her old costume jewelry...the same jewelry I was never allowed to play with as a little I took it...I now collect old jewelry...somehow when I get pieces that I think she would have bought or collected herself(from the 20's-60's)...I feel close to her...I wish I had been right about living to 100, cause I just miss her so much!

Our family never let my grandfather(who died 2 months later to the day) or me see her once she was at the hospital one ever came out and said why they downplayed how bad it was until the night before she age 30 I was the baby of the family and was my Grandmother's favorite...I don't look at my family the same, It's not as fun and exciting going home anymore either. I just miss her.
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i can relate to you....everyone always told my grandma she was gonna live a long time..since her father lived to be 103 but..that didnt happen...and i wish everyday that i could have had more time with her...