I Miss Her.

I didn't know my Nana very well when I was younger. She only lived half an hour away but I didn't see her that much. Then she was diagnosed with Dementia. After a year of it getting worse my Nana was moved to a different town so she could be in a old folks home. That's when we moved with. I visited my Nana every second day at first, and even though she didn't know who I was most of the time I felt like we we're starting to form a connection. then it got so tough on my mom she could only visit once a week. I still visited very often, sometimes alone. It made me really upset when the dementia got worse. I was the only grandchild who visited. A few of them lived to far away to visit, and the rest just couldn't deal with it, to them it was like she was already dead. And in a sense she was. The lady that was sitting in the chair everyday was not my Nana as she had once been. When she was younger she loved to dance, and joke around. But once dementia set in that was almost all gone. Except for those rare days where it seemed to come back. With the dementia my Nana couldn't remember my Papa who had died years before I was born. One day I walked in and she smiled at me and said " You're Papa used to love to play the guitar" and then she stared dreamily at the wall. She was right, he did love that. My Nana passed a way a few months ago. It hit me really hard. My mom suggested talking to my cousins about it, but I couldn't. Most of them had given up when the dementia got bad, to them Nana had already died. I didn't really know my Nana until the dementia was bad. The Nana I knew had passed away.
talkinggoats talkinggoats
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2010