Granny, If You Can Hear Me...

I miss you everyday. You were the one who made me laugh. You were my hero. You were my rock. Every little problem i had from school or life, you were there to console me. Ever since January 4, life hasnt been the same. I know that you couldnt stay with me forever...I just wish that you could have gone peacefully, but you were in agonizing pain. I'm gonna keep to my promise i made to you. I'll never forget you. As i weep for the past, i know that you live in my heart, my memories, and my soul. I love u granny, and im so glad that i spent 18 years with you. I'm so happy that you raised me. I'm so glad you talked my mom out of aborting me. I love you. I'm going to bed now, the tears are dying to some out, but i know that you dont want that. You told me to be strong, and thats what im trying to be. I cant help that you are my weakness. Goodnight Grandmother, wherever you are.

EsotericDestiny EsotericDestiny
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3 Responses Jun 16, 2009

you are i are alot alike. we both care deeply about our grandmothers. i would do anything to get her back. she raised me, and talked my mom out of aborting me as well. its funny how life turned out. i hope you find peace on day, and i hope that there is some sort of life after death so we can see our grandmothers/bestfriends again.

Thank you. I love and cherish the memories we made together and all that we shared.

That was beautiful, isn't it great to have had such a wonderful person in your life? Sad that they had to leave, but what wonderful memories you will always have. Take care :-)<br />