i can still see my mommoms face, remember her touch the way she smelled like powder, the sound of her voice. i cant look at pictures of her even after almost 7 years, of her passing, its just too painful. but i dont need to see her pictures to remember her. as a child n even as n adult i would sit right next to her on the sofa n we would watch reruns of old t.v. shows. i would put my head on her shoulder n sometimes just hold her hand, i remember when i was very young playing w/ her veins on her hand. u know how they stick out as u grow older. i thought it was so neat how they were soft n gooshie. she would always smile n say one day u wont thin they r so neat when u have them. lol. i always called the veins her gooshes. these simple memories r painful to thin about but also comforting .

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Mar 1, 2010