The Tears Never Stop

tomorrow would of been my grandmothers birthday. know its just another painful reminder that she is gone. just another day, i will miss her even more. no birthday cards, r cake, just flowers to put on a tombstone. even after 7 yrs, the cahe i feel is just the same, as the day, i lost her. timne doesnt heal wounds, it doesnt make it better. we just get better at hideing how we really feel inside. i miss her so much. memories r all i have i cherish them. but the pain of losing her never fades.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

In the past on my grandmother's Bday, I would use a blanket she made or prepare a recipe she designed or admire a piece of artwork she created. What I'm saying is I would celebrate her life rather than mourn her passing. That's what she would've wanted anyhow. I think of her often and in my family we discuss things about her as if she's still alive. <br />
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I'm sorry you're sad today. Maybe consider thinking or remembering something great about her life, it may make it just a little less painful. {{{ HUGS }}}