My Grandpa

So first my dad passes away on Oct 17,2011 and now my grandpa is on deaths door. He was having abdominal pain so he went to the hospital where they said he had gall stones. So he had gall bladder surgery and ended up not being able to pee on his own. So they put a catheter in and sent him home. Then he got an infection in from that went to a different hospital and they said to do prostate surgery and maybe that will fix it. They did that and it didnt work and he got a blood infection. He has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and the doctors cant find the source of the infection and said that its a lost cause. So the hospital sent him to hospice that my grandpa is doing at my uncles house. I have been blessed cuz my grandpa has been around for 92 years but just sucks that he ends up getting an infection at a hospital when nothing was ever wrong with him. And now have to watch him die a slow death. The doctors said the infection will probably kill him in 10 days.
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I am so sorry to read this,really it is so hard to express sorrow.I pray that your grandpa will pull through,that the infection will go away.<br />
What a terrible year you are having,you have come onto a good site for support.<br />