Only In Bad Times For He/she

I have(and I could be wrong!) feel that I was visited by an angel twice. Once,in Hawaii, when I took dexrtomorphan for the last time, and barely got off the bus before I threw up on a bench. Embarrassing. People were around. A seemingly homeless lady came and sat on the bench with me. I told her what I had done and that I was scared if I remembered right. It was like I was drunk, and my body ws so numb...she said to find other things to do like jounaling and to stay away from the traffic that was going by(lol I wasn't thinking of it) and she knew I was scared. She said she was waiting for someone to pick her up.She had a shopping cart(grocery store sized) with her and was wearing a visor even though it was nighttime. I was waiting for the next bus to come in an hour. All of a sudden, she started jumping up and down and waving her arms like she was flagging someone down. I guess angels get frustrated without their wings! lol she was a helpful creature though.

The other time I decided to take the cab and go shopping a year ago after the SWAT team had bust in taken my ex away. I was all alone and gelt I need a treat at the mall. I was looking in the aisles, and this guy was talking on a cellphone. It was Good Friday this happened..a good day for suffering. All I remember was him saying "I'll let you get back to your wine." After he got off the phone, he said to me " I hope I wasn't disturbing you being on the cell phone." His eyes were light blue and so beautiful. He was wearing a blue sweater. I tried to be sarcastic and said "Yes, how dare you interrupt me when I'm shopping!" in a joking tone. I was a bit bowled over by his looks which reminded me of a handsome figure skater from Russia. In fact, I started roaming the aisles looking for him. He was at customer service in the front. I wanted to just give him a smile..

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Mar 15, 2010