I Miss My Hometown Alot!

Hello. I'm a thirty-something female from a very small town where everyone knows everyone and half the people you're related to in some shape, form or fashion. I'm moved from it a time or two throughout my life but always seem to be drawn back. I miss seeing people I know on a daily basis, seeing my family and good friends. Just stopping by the gas station to get a drink can turn into a 15 or 20 minute visit because chances are you'll run into a friend. Well, things got worse when just recently the woman who has been my best friend my entire life posted something about her and her best friend going out and shopping. That best friend of course not being me. I don't blame her and I'm not mad. I live almost 100 miles from her but it still hurts to see that she's found a replacement for me. I came from a town where I was someBODY. Everyone knew me, most of them liked me, even had alot of the residents almost talk me into running for County Commissioner once. I don't remember ever feeling pressed for time. Work didn't feel like work. Now, to make things even worse, my children don't like our new town, they are all homesick too. They also moved from a town where they had some sort of status to a much larger town where we are nothing more than just another face in a crowd. Just going back home isn't so easy since the reason I moved here in the first place was because I got remarried and my husband has a very good career here, nothing he can walk away from. I'm screwed. I've not only ruined my chances for happiness but also my childrens. We've been in our new town for almost 4 years so I don't think this is just a simple case of homesickness that will eventually go away on it's own. That's all.
sambrilo sambrilo
Aug 5, 2010