I Miss Dc

I'm about to start college in Charleston, SC and I'm from Washington DC.  I love the school I'm about to go to and I'm super excited, but there is no better place in the world for me than DC.  I love DC so much, it is a part of me.  I was born here and grew up here and almost all of my earliest memories are of the sights, people, sounds, and the general experience of DC.  Many people say DC is bland and doesn't have a culture of its own.  That's because they only just moved here for work and then moved out, or what have you.  But, as someone who grew up in this town and loves it to death, I can say there is a specific "feel" to DC.  It's the feel of bad 60's architecture and the homeless guys who aren't on their meds.  It's the tender feet you've got after a long day and you are stuck waiting 20 minutes for the next train, and yet you still know you're the happiest person in the world because you are here.  It's the clueless tourists you can laugh at and the thousands of historical artifacts just blocks away.  It's the mysterious junk shops in Chinatown and stones hipsters sitting out on Dupont Circle.  It's the thousands of young intellectuals who would just love nothing more than to have an incredible conversation with you about politics, philosophy, and economics. It's the guy playing saxophone at the Metro station when the day is ending and you're on your way home, and the feeling of nothing but peace he gives you.  So, yes, nonbelievers: DC has a rhythm to it for those who stay long enough and care enough to listen.  

God, I love this city.  I love it so much that I already miss it.

DC, I will be back. <3 edwar
edwardian13 edwardian13
May 6, 2012