Always Gone

I met my husband one day before he had to go back to his duty station in Hawaii. I live in Alabama. We talked on the phone every day for about 3 weeks. Next thing I know he his flying me to Hawaii to get married. It sounds fast but it was perfect, and the connection was so strong I felt like I had known him for years. I got to stay in Hawaii for 2 short weeks before going home...alone. I didn't move there because he was scheduled to leave for Iraq in two months. I thought it was pointless to move over there just to be all alone when he leaves.  I later regretted that decision. Something happened and he was not deployed as planed. He got to come to Alabama for a few weeks for Thanksgiving. Then at Christmas me and my son got to go to Hawaii for a little over a month. Then in February he left for Iraq. He came home for 20 days this past month for r &r. But now he is back in Iraq for another 7 months.  And sadly after he gets back from his tour in Iraq he has to go to a training school. If you do the math you can see that we are always apart. I should be use to it but Im not. I cant help but wonder if we will ever get to be together. Always being apart is so hard. 

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3 Responses Aug 12, 2008

i know same to me i meet my lovey one week before he left for his home country for a month. the missing feeling is terrible.

Sorry about that, Totally understand the feeling, just the same as I was aparted with my husband.

Im sorry :( I know it must be hard on you. Hope things get better soon!