R and R

Well, my husband has narrowed his r and r down to apprx 21st march.

Ohmygod!!!! I am getting so excited and nervous!!! Weve been together almost 16 yrs and I still get all giddy when I see him and when Im with him Im still goo-goo eyed!

That means I have about 60 some days left!! That seems like a piece of cake!

Now, Im working really hard on losing a bit more weight ( I have lost 16 lbs already) and then we are going to have pretzel sex:)

I will deal with him leaving for another 8 mths later, for now Im just plain EXCITED!!!!!


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mj..do you have instant messenger? we could chat then..<br />

lol I so am with you on the NOT dieting thing! I've always throughout my entire adult life eaten super healthy (not full on veg-head like you though), and have gotten a fair amount of exercise. Then, somewhere along the line during one of my pregnancies, I went hypo-thyroid and it wasn't diagnosed until AFTER our last baby was born. So, I was on the usual drug for hypothyroidism and they told me that I should start to see the baby weight coming off easily since I exercise and eat well. It didn't budge. Over two years of step aerobics, twice a day on the elliptical, backing off on my caloric intake, increasing my dose of synthroid...nothing. I finally got to a point where I was losing about an 1/8 of a pound a week, but it was so frustrating. I mean, I went to the nutritionist and everything. I think the doctor thought I was a secret binger or something. lol. Anyways, I started in on some research about a month after my husband left, because your thyroid really influences your mood and I was feeling massively depressed. I wanted to make sure that most of it wasn't coming from that disorder before I resorted to anti-depressants. Anyways, I found some really good info, took it to my doc, and we put me on a natural thyroid drug that's been around for over 100 years. So, now, the weight is finally coming off. <br />
<br />
I need motivation now, lol to actually use the elliptical. I'd like to be super strong when he gets back, and I don't care really how tiny I get, I'm already a good two dress sizes smaller than when he left. I guess that I am really kind of tired of the stupid thing! But, I have decided to back off by about two hundred calories a day and see if I can make a larger impact that way. I suppose thinking about it as I write it down, it just makes more sense to get on that silly elliptical that's upstairs for thirty minutes and do another thirty minutes of weight training, right? Instead of backing off on calories? I'd burn probably more than that 200 that I'm avoiding right now. So, please forgive my rambling, I've not had any adult conversation yet today. But, let's motivate each other to exercise, and Ebsweet, you too, and Gerber you too! Just send each other a message every morning or something saying, "HEY! MJ, get up off your tush and hit that elliptical! You'll feel better! Think about pretzel sex!" lol And then we can post what we did for the day, in the forum or something. <br />
<br />
What I really miss is having a girlfriend to go to the gym with, or even more so, when we were in Germany a friend of mine was teaching a step aerobic class at the gym on post and it was free plus we could bring our kids. The kids just ran around and we all worked out then socialized afterwards. It was great.

wow, i have lots of company, so great!!!!<br />
yes mj, he is with 1ad, and they gave him an apprx date , around 16 march but wont be here till 21st. i guess they sit in kuwait a couple of days, wasnt really listening, lol!!! (he knows that about me!!)<br />
yes!! i would love to be diet buddies, actually im not dieting for the first time in my freakin life, im actually eating super healthy!!! and guess what?? it actually really works.<br />
as far as exercise, i do all kinds of stuff, been having health issues, so i do what i feel able to do day to day.<br />
like yesterday i took kickboxing class at uso, and today went to gym and did ellipse and weights.<br />
but its crunch time and i am going to lose about 15 more lbs before my lover gets home:)<br />
notice i didnt say i "want " to lose it..i said i "am" going to lose it!!<br />
i am super motivated, and so glad you guys are all on this site, thanks for the support,<br />
yea!!!! hes coming home soon to visit:):)<br />

My hubby is coming back around the same time also and I am so ahh there is still so much I want to do before he gets here. Best to you and glad you get to see him.

mj915 that would be awesome. i would love to try yoga especially if it works on the midsection. i used to be ripped when i was in high school and worked out everyday, but now its just there no fine definition or anything. i hate going to they gym here because it is always so packed and its so hard to find parking. although i'm going tonight to try a new cardio kick boxing or maybe its steps. i can't remember. haha

ebsie, have you ever tried yoga? You might like it. I'm getting some dvd's here pretty soon, and if I have a burner on my computer (not sure if I do or not, lol) I can burn them and send them to you. I've found that these yoga series give me a sense of well being, renew my energy and have done some awesome things to my mid-section. :) Let me know if you're interested. I've got a girlfriend in North Carolina that I'm going to try to burn them for anyways, so just say the word, and I'll figure out if my computer does it. If not, I'm going to borrow someone elses. :)

I'm super excited for you! March, that seems so soon. I don't think my husband will be home until May, but I'm starting to work on the whole losing weight thing. I'm eating healthier. No eating out, no soda, and I'm starting to go to the gym more. Did you know that if you drink one soda every day for a year you will gain 15 pounds? When I heard that I just couldn't do it anymore? We can all lose weight and be super hot and have awesome pretzel sex when they come home. Haha. Maybe we can encourage each other. I'm so bad about going to the gym. After work I'm just to tired.

lol Yay! I wonder when mine is coming home....did you say your husband is with 1st Armored...I know you said he's with a MITT team, but isn't he out of 1AD as well? I'm curious, because if they're starting to give out March dates, then my husband should get his pretty soon too. Want to be exercise and weight loss buddies from afar? I have lost just about 20 pounds in the last 6 weeks, and want to lose MORE!!!! I am becoming really creative with putting together yummy, yummy low calorie things. I hadn't really changed my calorie intake until the last two weeks. I got new thyroid meds that actually work for me, so now I am *very* motivated! I figure, if the weight started coming off when I didn't even try, how fast will it come off if I DO try!?<br />
<br />
Ok, so this is sooooo cool that your husband has a date. I am honestly really jealous, and hope that mine gets one soon too. For now, I'm just counting down the days until the end of March. I'll be ok if they don't get him out of there until April or even May, but lol I just want to KNOW! I still think that one of the hardest things about all of this deployment junk is the NOT knowing.