When They Have to Go Away

when i met my future husband of course i didnt know that he was the future one and didnt know that i would soon be put through the worst thing in my life.  Love someone so much that you dont want to get up and go to work, and you cant wait to get home to them..and then to have to taken from you with out anything you can say about it.   When i met paul he had just been in a bad car accident to where he was in the hospital for 4 days with a head injury.  His beautiful toyota 4x4 truck was totaled and he was still a little tender from the whole experience.  Paul and i hit it off very well and quickly became a committed couple.  About 8 months down the road, my paul was pulled over driving a jeep that at the time belonged to me but he was making payments on because you need a car to get to work.  Thats when we found out that my husband had a warrant for his arrest for Habitual driving on suspended license.  so for the last year and a half we have been fighting the courts and system..(oh i didnt mention that the county this was being done in was 2 and 1/2 hours away from our home town)..in the end ..my husband was sentenced to 18 months in prison..all because of a driving infraction, now i understand he did not follow the rules of the law..and did drive without a license..and im not one to make excuses for anyone who breaks the law..but as a wife..all i can say is..i want my husband back in our home, back in my arms and without having to worry about him being taken away again...Damn love  lol
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Paul has been home for almost 5 years now and we are still in love as we were when we got marriend, and no!! he didnt find a boyfriend while in there. he is all mine <3

The reason we are separate from our husbands doesn't change the fact that we miss them! Take one day at a time, as chliche and cheesy as it may sound... Try to stay close in each others heart. <3 call, write letters, have a journal ready when he gets home with all the thoughts you couldn't tell him in the moment, maybe even send him photos of adventures you take, tell him what you would do if he were there with you!

I cant believe people can go to prison for this. I really feel for you, hold on tight and keep smiling. The day will come fast when you live together again, peace to you and your husband.


Waiting for someone you love makes weeks seem like years and a year an eternity.<br />

I appreciate you taking the time to read my story, and yes, there is more..like I said .."Habitual driving on suspended"..so my husbands had run ins with the law, and Ive never made an excuse for him... as to being picked on or the judicial system being unfair, my husband does need to pay his dues and is doing so. I am saying "I miss my husband and cant wait till he returns." Hes a hard worker and a loving husband, no matter what his faults are..and yes they gave him 18 months for Habitual Driving on Suspended. believe it..cus im living it.

There's more to this story. You don't get sent to prison for misdemeanors.