Appreciate Your Soldier

Instead of feeling mad at them for leaving you with everything kids, house and life remember they had a commitment to fulfill and are doing a wonderful job. Faith can get you thru anything. You don't have to see or touch your husband to know how much you care for one another. Our deployment is in God's hands just like everything else. Distance or no communication can be defeated by true love! I have a new son and is this is our second deployment. It's hard but it's harder for them.
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you guys are all right on!!!! we ROCK!!!<br />
the time will pass, and we will make it, we are warriors just like our husbands!!<br />
please dont ever worry that your husband will forget you...the exact opposite is true i find, he needs me more than ever and we are what keeps them going.<br />
i love this website, its wonderful,<br />

You know for me I have never been mad at my husband for leaving if anything I am overflowing with pride, but at the sametime I am overwhelmed by sadness. It breaks my heart to see my kids cry for their dad and I feel like I am in some other world I spend my days with my kids running around doing school parks homework etc then evenings are spent cooking bathing the kids reading to them but then they go to bed and I cry. I cry because I feel so alone the most stimulating conversation I have is with my 5 year old. I also cry for my husband knowing that he is alone and busting his butt everyday It just makes me so sad I am only 5 weeks into a 13 month deployment.But we will get through it we are ARMY STRONG GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!! lol

You're right, I mad at the situation and I could see why he would think it was directed at him. I knew their would be sacrifices, we all did, and like you wrote, faith can get us through anything. I have really bad weeks sometimes, as soon as i hear his voice it's all better. As stupid as it might sound I'm scared he might forget me, forget the way things were before this deployment and things might not be normal. Thats when my faith comes in and slaps me with reality (it just takes a while sometimes). I remember that he calls me EVERY chance possible and our life back home is what he can't wait to come back to. I want him to be focused so I stay as strong as I can and crash and burn here with you guys! Thank you for this, i needed a reminder :)

Thank you for that. i need it.

i agree with you! it is tough for all concerned, especially children.<br />
all we can do is take it day by day with the good days and the horrible awful days. i am finding as the months go on, i wont say its easier, but im starting to adapt to the situation. i will make it, i know that now, the first few mths i wasnt so sure, but now i am.<br />
i still have really bad moments but they are just that, moments. not the whole day like at the start.<br />
thank god, im getting relief. i still am giddy as a school girl to see my love though, and thats not going to change one bit!!!<br />