March 10

Finally.  He's supposed to come home for R&R on 3/10.  I cannot wait.  It's less than three weeks away.  If I let myself really think about it, I want to pass out.  I honestly get dizzy when I think about seeing him again.

God I've missed him.
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4 Responses Feb 21, 2008

You just gave me goosebumps! Man, I must be PMSing or something because I'm about ready to cry after reading this too.

oh so SO happy for YOU!<br />
mine also comes home in 4 weeks..and i get dizzy too, i totally get it!!!<br />
isnt this like the cherry on top??? i mean the six mths have gone fast now that i look back..and ohmygod..we are going to be like newlyweds, so there!!! civilian wives will never know the bliss of laying your eyes on your soldier after being deployed, its sheer heaven!<br />

This 3 weeks is going to be here before you know it! <br />
I feel the way that you do i want a back rub and scratch when he comes home!! I forgot what it felt like to have my back scratched. Good Job on the weight i wish that i can lose weight instead of gain but being preg dont have much of an option. Take Care!!

I know! I'm so excited! And get this guys, I'm down 27.5 pounds since the end of November too, so he's in for a skinnier wife than he's seen in over five years!!!! I still have a couple of more weeks to knock out a few more pounds too, so I'm working it, girls!!!!!<br />
<br />
I just can't wait for a big, fat hug...and a back rub. Oh-my-God. A back rub. Wow. What a treat that will be. <br />
<br />
Blah. I'm going to cry I'm so happy. Somebody smack me!!!!