My Husband And I Just Got Married And Now Far From Each Other

My husband and I met over the net 8 months ago. I am working in Jeddah KSA and he is working is Jubail KSA... Actually things happened so fast. After a month he ask me to marry him and I say yes even we didn't meet personally yet. Then he assigned in Yanbu Saudi Arabia (near Jeddah), and we met 3 times, bought a ring, and decided to pursue the wedding.. we're so inlove with each other. We went back home for vacation and had our wedding on the 6th month.

But now Im back to Jeddah, and he's is Jubail.. every night I am sad, crying, and always telling him. that I miss him and I wanna go back home in our country..

How could I help myself.. we were just together in two months and need to separate again..
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

how are you today
hope you are fine ,,
i was reading your story and i felt sad ,, you are yang and have a lot of time to feel happy ,, why he and you are wasting time ? work is not everything !!!
hope you feel better and hope you get a better life with or without him ,,
he should be thankful to have a special wife love him and miss him .
im leaving in jeddah and i lost my wife recently ,, feel exactly what you fell now specially jeddah is not that open place comparing with other city like jubail .

take care and best regards

are you okay now?

I hope you meet him soon

Just keep optimistic

by the way i m in jeddah

Life is too short . Can you ask yourself/husband if what is separating you is worth it? Whatever you sacrifice cannot be worse than sacrificing eachother ..