All i do is sigh because im lonely. I lost my husband oct. 7 due to a massive heartattack. I love the lord and its been so hard but i must trust the lord. I miss everything about him especially our making love. We were still sexually active. My life had changed and now im lonely. Now i wonder what will happen as the days go by. Will i fall in love again one day? Now what do i do?
tranise tranise
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Hi dear,sorry about your husbands death,you gave joy and happiness to your husband,and. it a great blessing.,you will sure fall in love again soon,to give warmth to who neads you. to start your love life again.Enjoy every day of your, with you beloved friend or partner,be blessed,as life is short,make best of it by being active in giveing and. recieving love.Your husband in heaven will be happy there if you are happy here.

You will fall in love again one day. In fact, I think the best thing you can do is to fall in love as soon as possible. With yourself. Don't simply remember the joy he gave you and lament that loss, remember the joy you gave him. You were that person that gave him that joy. Hold to that, and everything else should fall into place.